Beekeeping Farm in Tanzania: Volunteers wanted.

BeeObserver beekeepers spent two weeks in January in the north of Tanzania with a Family Farm in the South Pare Mountains.


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For this year, the project is looking for volunteers who can help to further establish beekeeping as main income, help to build technical beekeeping equipment from local resources (e.g. extractor) and additionally spread knowledge about beekeeping within the village community. The farm is dedicated to organic farming and providing education to the village community. In exchange for your work you will learn about the rural life in Tanzania, about African bees and beekeeping, eat delicious local food, learn Suaheli language.

Feel free to contact us or the farm (see below) to get first-hand-information about this project.

Company / organisation: Gonja Mwala Organic Farm.

person in charge: Seraphine Thadei Mngullu.

place of work: South Pare mountains- Same - Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania

contact E-Mail:

vacant from: 15.03.2018 (2018-03-15)

closing date: 01.05.2018 (help is needed throughout the year - no seasonal break of beekeeping activities)

type of work: training, help, volunteering, other

skills and qualification required: Experienced beekeepers who above all can help to train beekeepers, give technical knowledge in producing different beekeeping gears and fundraiser

other information: The farm will provide accommodation and local meals as per family standards.

preferred contact via: email


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